Name: Elder
Price: 20.00 USD


➥ Special Rank in Discord Server

➥ All features from Rank Squire

➥ Special Rank Prefix [Elder]

➥ Access to WHITE chat color

➥ Can set up to 10 Homes

➥ Can set up to 10 Warps

➥ Access to Heroic Tags

➥ Access to Knight Tags

x2 Level Multiplier Booster

➥ Ability to open Shulker Box without placing


▶ /repair (Repair your tools and armor)

▶ /workbench (Open crafting table remotely)

▶ /rename (Rename your items)

▶ /enderchest (Open ender chest remotely)

▶ /nightvision (Gives to Nightvision)

▶ /hat (Ability to use items like a hat)

▶ /jump (Jump higher)

▶ /back (Go back to your last location)

▶ /nick (Give a nickname yourself)

▶ /afk (go AFK without any trouble)

▶ /ptime (Controls players personal time)

▶ /feed (Feeds you)

▶ /head (Get head of any player)

▶ /seen (Check when the player was last seen)

▶ /silence (Block the public messages)

▶ /anvil (Use anvil remotely)


 5,000 Claim Blocks

 5 Rare Keys

 1 Epic Keys